Why You Should Show Your Work

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It’s important for clients to see the journey you’ve taken as well as the destination at which you’ve arrived. If there’s a chance for the client to help shape the process and impact the final outcome in a positive way – even better.

CityBridge Foundation approached Savage to ask us for help in building a clear and compelling brand story. To learn more about the education non-profit, Savage traveled to their HQ in Washington, D.C. for two days of interviews and mind-melding.

Then we headed back to Milwaukee, where we spent 4-6 weeks laying the groundwork for a re-branding and a complete web overhaul. How do similar organizations in the client’s space brand themselves? How can a digital presence push a target audience to act? It’s important to us to have a clear direction before the creative work begins. Just as you don’t build a house before the blueprints are complete, you can’t begin designing a solid brand without doing research.

Savage recently had the opportunity to host CityBridge in Milwaukee for a day-long brand/digital strategy session.

It was our pleasure to share the research that inspired our brand direction. It’s far easier for a client to understand where we’re going when they see where we’re coming from. Bonus: Savage completely rebuilt the CityBridge sitemap during a client workshop AND had a chance to introduce East Coast folks to Milwaukee.

CityBridge is going to have a beautiful brand, and we can’t wait to bring it to life.