What is Content Marketing? [And How Does It Work?]


“Content marketing” is not “blog posts.”

Content marketing is a strategy. It uses words + photos + video + digital to create something useful and achieve a real business goal.

Let’s take a look at 3 content marketing examples from Ann Handley and Rebecca Lieb:

MailChimp // the email marketing platform shares how-to videos through Skillshare, a shareable style guide, and a blog as well as email updates for opt-in subscribers.

Domino’s Australia // the pizza chain introduced an app called Pizza Mogul. It enables hungry Aussies to design a unique pizza that can be ordered by anyone.

Blue Bottle Coffee // the coffee company created digital how-to-brew guides and an insightful “Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee” video, and hosts how-to-brew events.

MailChimp + Domino’s + Blue Bottle successfully used content marketing to boost consumer adoption. How? The content they produced doesn’t really feel like marketing. It feels like having a helpful friend who has the insight you need – when you need it.

Don’t interrupt people with useless stuff. If you’re a content marketer, you create what people are interested in.

** Ann Handley and Rebecca Lieb recently spoke at Content Marketing World 2015. It was incredible and you should’ve been there!