Social Media – 3 Reasons It’s Good to Start Small

Content/SocialSavage Ideas

In our experience, clients with a new company/product tend to want a presence on ALL social media platforms – perhaps to take advantage of “free” social media marketing that they’ve heard about. If you’re the person who’s making the social media decisions, here’s something to keep in mind: start small.

  1. It enables you be effective, especially if you’re a one-man or -woman band. It’s preferable to have one platform with kick-ass, insightful content – rather than six platforms with sporadic, I-should-Pin-things-today-type posts.
  2. You’ll need more than a second to evaluate social platforms before taking the leap. After all, as Joan Malcheski of the Green Bay Packers said, “…once you give birth to the baby, you have to raise it for life.”
  3. It gives you a chance to be strategic. Build a brand identity, connect person-to-person, create a community – in other words, accomplish real goals.

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