Meet Lauren, Our Newest Savage!

Savage People

Savage brought on Lauren Wieloch as an additional Project Coordinator, and she’s happy to be here! Lauren brings killer project management skills to the table, and is pumped to work with our brand and content team!

Lauren drafted a post for you about her first week at Savage. Here’s the scoop:

I knew it was a good start when I walked up to my desk on Monday and found French Blue rosé, SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. goods, a MacBook Pro, and various Savage swag (in my size no less). In addition to the goodies, there was a custom onboarding packet, complete with a “Welcome to Savage, Lauren” cover page and a daily schedule for my week. The level of thought that went into preparing for my arrival made me feel so welcomed!

Week 1 was jam-packed with meetings, lots of meticulous note-taking, and getting to know each one of my new (and amazing!) co-workers through one-on-one lunch dates. The more I learn about Savage, the more I love. I  hit the ground running, and jumped into a client discovery on Day 2. It was a great opportunity to begin building a relationship with a brand-new client and see how the Savage team works together.

I would relate the way our team works to a bit like a symphony – each member plays their own unique instrument beautifully and confidently, knowing when to increase the tempo and when to heighten or diminish their voice. When it all comes together, it’s a perfect cacophony of sound.

I look forward to finding my place in the symphony and adding to the music!