Meet Andy, Our Project Coordinator!

Savage People

Savage recently brought Andy Lueneburg on board as our Project Coordinator, and this guy has plenty of potential. He’s a recent graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College who’s new to the agency world. We’re happy to show him the ropes!

Andy drafted a post for us about his first week at Savage. Here’s his story:

I came into work on Monday and had meetings and discussions about clients and the company, which was what I expected. For the rest of the week, however, that was not the case.

I helped out with so many different tasks, that it was all a tad overwhelming. From client meetings, to breakfast and lunch with the Savage team, I sort of felt like I was learning to walk again. The one thing that did not change during a crazy week was the team at Savage.

Walking into Savage I knew that everyone would be incredibly high performing, but what I didn’t realize was that everyone would be so welcoming and willing to help. Being the new guy I instantly felt a little out of the loop, and I worried that feeling would only be exacerbated by the fact that I had no agency experience.

But every single member of the team was extremely helpful and understanding. They offered me advice and help whenever I needed it. Despite the wide variety of events and tasks that I was exposed to the first week, it was the people that really stuck with me. It was their friendliness, their openness, and their helpfulness that made an impact on me, and it’s the people that I will remember. Well that – and the limbo game at our Halloween party.

The Savage team works together to get stuff done, and Andy is off to a great start!