It’s 2015 – Not Responsive? You’re Not Relevant

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…what’s a “responsive” web design? It’s when a website can intelligently expand or contract to fill the available screen space. Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, a long-time Savage client, decided 2015 was the year to go responsive with their outdoors-y web design. (If you have a chance, check out Nestor Falls on both desktop and mobile. It’ll make you want to take a trip to Canada.)

Why did Nestor Falls decide being responsive was important?

64% of American adults own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center. If your user is browsing on an iPhone, and your website looks good on that iPhone, the user is more likely to stick around. The difference between the pinch-and-zoom experience of trying to read a non-responsive site on your 5″ phone instead of having it resize automatically is like driving a ’72 Ford Pinto instead of a Ferrari.

Google wants to deliver mobile-friendly search results to its users, too. As of April 21, you’re going to need a responsive website. If you don’t comply with the rules of our search engine overlords, you may find your website drops places – or pages – in the Google results for your search terms.

In short, a responsive web design encourages users to explore your content and helps Google know you’ve got a quality digital presence. Let’s get to work.