How Do I Know When It’s Time to Rebrand My Company?

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What’s in a brand? Well – a lot.

Your brand is your company’s whole character. (It’s so much more than a logo.) It’s what you stand for / your voice / how you present yourself.

Your brand is hugely important to the success of your organization. That makes it tough to know when to rebrand, when to reposition – and when to fix your company. Before Savage reworks anyone’s identity, we make absolutely 100% sure that it’s the right decision. Here’s a look at our thought process:

Rebrand When Your Visual Identity No Longer Represents Your Brand.

Think about where your company started. Think about where you’re at now. Has your company changed since Day 1? You bet!

CityBridge Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy, began working in international health. They have since evolved to become an org that advances a vision of excellent education for every child in D.C. They needed a brand to reflect who they’d become! Savage created a complete brand identity [design + messaging] that articulated the CityBridge personality – smart, enthusiastic, and ready to create change.

Take Note: As a small business or non-profit grows, you learn what you’re good at, what consumers need, and what’s profitable. You probably offer more [or different] services than you did 2, 5, 10 years ago. Does your brand identity – including but not limited to your logo – even represent you anymore? You’re ready to re-brand.

Reposition When You Have a Brand Story – But Don’t Know How to Share It.

Who are you? What do you do? Why are you different? They’re basic questions. When they’re tough for you to answer – Houston, you have a problem.

Sensient Natural Ingredients, a company that provides quality ingredients and ideas to the food manufacturing industry, wasn’t sure how to answer those questions. Sensient wanted to keep its well-known logo, but needed to draw out the brand’s true story. Over the course of several months, Savage dug deep into the company’s history and purpose. Sensient was reintroduced as a company that provides thoughtful solutions – not simply commodity products.

Take Note: Your brand is why customers choose you over competitors. To have a meaningful brand, you need to have a meaningful understanding of who you are.

Fix Your Company When Business is Struggling.

Sales are down? Customers are unhappy? You “want to get your company’s name out there”? Don’t expect a rebrand to be your silver bullet. A brand is a reflection of your identity – not a mask.

Go back to the drawing board and start solving some problems from the inside out. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions about who you are and where you’re going.

Take Note: Don’t invest in a rebrand until you’re 100% sure it’s the right investment to grow your organization. If you move ahead with a new brand when you’re not ready, you risk being back at square one when the design is said and done!

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