Creating Strong Content For Smart Readers

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Savage creates content – from blog posts to GIFs and videos – for clients in every industry.

It’s not shocking that most of our clients want for us to build content for their customers. For example, an event rental company might look to reach event planners. That event rental company needs to provide resources that are helpful and insightful.

Should be a snap, right? Not so much!

In many cases, our target readers have been in their industry for 10 or 20 years, and we’ve known that industry for a hot second. How is it possible for US to share anything worth a second look?

In other words, how does Savage create expert content for actual experts when we’re…not experts at all?

It can be done! Here’s a look at our “smart” content process:

1. Talk to the Actual Experts
We start by picking up the phone and talking to our clients. From the CEO to sales execs and the lead engineer, they’re a wealth of knowledge! The best-case scenario is combining their industry expertise with our creativity.

Of course, our clients don’t typically want to draft a blog post or video script. It’s up to us to pull out big ideas, and get the details, too. That’s why we like to conduct thoughtful interviews. We start with open-ended questions:
• What kind of questions do your customers ask?
• What kind of resources do you need to support your work?

Then, we dive into the details. If the client wants to build a trend report for 2017, it’s great to know what the trends might be. The rest of the content is up to us.

2. Do Research
Research is vital to good content. We start with our friend, Google. We find a data set and analyze it! We find a Pew report and dig in! This is about evaluating information as well as simply gathering information. How can the research tell us something new? We use this information to flesh out a draft.

3. Check Our Work
Once we’ve got ideas on paper (or in a MacBook), it’s time to polish. How does our content stack up against what the client’s competitors are producing? It should be as good – or preferably, better. When we can find an expert that’s willing to periodically review our work, we have a friend that’s worth more than gold.

Need to build content for experts? Savage is here to help.