4 Steps to a Perfect Brainstorm

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So! You’re ready to develop a strategy for something Very Important. It’s time to gather a group of your colleagues for a brainstorm – are you ready to pull in the best ideas?

Here’s what to do!

  1. Is everyone at the table on the same page? …nope? Bring the group up to speed with a 5-minute brief on what you hope to accomplish [and why].
  2. It’s easy to lose focus when the ideas are flying, so remember to keep your goals in mind. If you have a coworker who contributes off-topic ideas, redirect the conversation back to something useful.
  3. Don’t drag things out past 45 minutes or so. If you see attention start to wane, that’s a sign that you should’ve wrapped things up – about 15 minutes ago.
  4. Your group helped you pull together great ideas. Now it’s up to you to execute! You can help great ideas see the light of day. Feels good, doesn’t it?