3 Persistent SEO Myths – BUSTED!

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When you hear most people talk about SEO, they’re scheming to jump to page 1 in the Google results. It’s not exactly like that…

Savage is here to set the record straight about SEO. Read on!

Myth 1: YOU ONLY NEED TO RANK #1 FOR one keyword

It seems vital to always rank #1 for one broad keyword, but that’s not a great way to measure success. Sure, it’d be great for you to rank #1 in “best restaurant,” but it’s important to expand your focus. The level of competition for broad keywords is fierce, and the people performing a search for a broad keyword aren’t ready-to-buy consumers.

Plus – searchers might not even be looking for “best restaurant!” There’s a good chance that they’re using a wider variety of keywords.


While an initial optimization is important, and usually leads to significant traffic gains, SEO is an ongoing process. Building up solid rankings is the first step. Maintaining those rankings by updating content regularly is a constant process. Any SEO company promising to shoot you to the top of a page in one go isn’t being 100% honest.

SEO works best when it’s deliberate, steady, and thoughtful.

Myth 3: Content is King

Okay, so this one has a ring of truth to it. Content is king, but it’s not the only factor. SEO helps direct users who need something to the resource you’ve created for them. So quality content is essential – but it’s also important to get the right people to see it. That only happens when content is optimized for search.

What you might not know is that Google also takes the “user experience” of your website into consideration. Does the page load quickly? Do users click through and stick around? Google – and other search engines – want to serve up quality results. So! You need to build strong content with your users and key search terms in mind.

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