Refreshed and Ready to Pita


Three weeks after we shook hands with Roti, disaster struck. Literally. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to pivot from our awareness campaign (and to stop shaking hands) to pushing curbside pickup and contactless delivery messaging.

With all creatives on deck and another agency partner working on refreshing Roti’s brand, Savage ventured into rapidly shifting territory, exploring uncharted advertising channels, filming big production-quality commercials in basement studios, refreshing digital menu boards, and more. From rally cries to recruitment campaigns, we aligned with Roti’s mantra of Crave Better, creating assets to attract health-conscious consumers and adventurous foodies to choose Roti – and discover their go-to meal.

Roti redefined “resilience” on a whole new level this year. Now with many of their fast-casual restaurants up and running, they’re not only back in business – they’re ready to pita.