Branding on a Cellular Level


In 2019, we engaged with the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy for a brand refresh. Yeah, it’s a mouthful. Thankfully they’re happy to go by ASGCT.

Knowing their mission: “to advance knowledge, awareness, and education leading to the discovery and clinical application of genetic and cellular therapies to alleviate human disease,” we began sketching. We concepted how their mission might look visually, with pathways and breakthroughs and connections, and experimented with communicating that through their mark.

Just as ASGCT has a mission, so did we: to create a unique logo that separated them from other organizations. So, we steered clear of the double helix cliché – though not without a few attempts. And for their color story, we migrated from a muted hunter green palette to something that felt strong and American: navy and red.

Now, ASGCT has a distinct brand that not only stands out among other scientific organizations: it’s steadfast, approachable, and tells a story of uniting the greatest minds in genetic and cellular therapies to find cures.