Our Core Values Made Us Do It: What We Accomplished During COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit in full force this spring, we – among literally everyone else on the planet – found ourselves surrounded by uncertainty. Suddenly, diction like unprecedented times, quarantine, social distancing, and the new normal became regulars in our vocabulary. Whatever we called this strange, unfamiliar world we were now a part of, we knew we could look to our core values to guide us through.

We were brave. 

We had to be. Working entirely virtually meant we had to find new ways to collaborate and stay connected with one another and our clients. Every morning, we sat down to a “digital brunch,” where we went over company updates, shoutouts, and interrogated whoever’s background changed from the day before. To balance it out, we also participated in the occasional “digital happy hour” where we did pretty much the same thing, but with cocktails in lieu of coffee. Except Paul. He had chocolate milk or something. 

It wasn’t just our hangouts that had to change, though. So did every presentation, every meeting, every workshop; you-name-it everything we would normally do in-person was suddenly virtual. Sure, it was scary at first. We didn’t know if we could pull it off. But the only other choice was to throw in the towel. And that wouldn’t have been the brave thing to do, would it? 

We chose positivity. 

This one wasn’t always easy. Especially at first. But every day we got better at it, and every day we made a conscious effort to look at the bright side. Once we got into a pretty good groove, we started spreading positivity, too. 

We transformed our Instagram into a positivity hub, posting a mural of nostalgic, polaroid-inspired pictures featuring something daily we were thankful for. With 100 days of quarantine to cover, we posted everything from spending time with family to our curbside pickups. 

And since Paul was sorely missing the thrill of capturing and compiling video clips, we thought it might be a good idea to show our clients we were thinking about them by sending them – you guessed it – video messages saying we were thinking about them. 

We did incredible work, always. 

Our reputation for doing incredible work, always, resulted in us signing new business during the pandemic. From creating new brands to refreshing current ones, building websites and campaigns, blogging, analyzing data, capturing studio assets, there was nothing we didn’t do. And we were damn thankful for all the work, too! 

We also wanted to help those who were helping others. So when Austin Ramirez, CEO of Husco, came to us about a reusable, more sustainable face mask that was in the works, we were all hands on deck. We volunteered to help with brand creation, content, photography, and build a microsite to promote this life-saving innovation. 

The residents of Oak Creek were hard at work being advocates for positivity. Their community leaders took notice and decided to reward high-performing individuals with gift cards to local businesses. We created The Oak Creek Thank You Card program to encourage people to cultivate happiness and help support local non-franchised businesses. With Oak Creek on the rise, we ramped up our social strategy for our other community clients to promote curbside pickups, deliveries, and help people connect on Facebook and Instagram. 

On top of volunteering for new challenges, we stepped on the gas pedal for SoulBoxer – selling more bottled cocktails than ever before; ran a series of campaigns for Roti that helped them keep customers, win new ones, and unlock a whole new part of their business – dinner; and continued building a unifying brand to encapsulate two powerhouse flexible film companies. 

Today marks our 100th #choosepositivity post on Instagram. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished during quarantine. We’re proud of our clients for learning new ways to thrive in uncertain times. And we couldn’t be more proud to be part of this awesome team.