Welcome to the Owl House

Owls are majestic birds of prey renowned for their vision, wisdom, savage hunting skills, and ability to keep their eyes on the target. Not to mention, they can turn their heads all the way around. We can’t do the weird head turn trick, but we can turn others’ heads when it comes to capturing seriously cool footage, and we do it all in-house: at the Owl House.

Perched atop the Milwaukee River is the Owl House, a sister branch to Savage Solutions. It’s not a resting place, though. It’s a hub of creativity, where our studio team gathers to observe, conceptualize, and strategize how to share their vision with the world.

If you compare the Owl House logo with the Savage “S,” you’ll notice shared design elements. On its own, you’ll discover that the Owl House logo is a composite design, made up of both a minimalistic owl and a house. The simple yet sophisticated mark is a telltale testament to the seamless and awesome capabilities presented by our studio team.

Such capabilities of the Owl House include short to full documentary-style videography, commercial videography, photography, editing, animation; and interactive, advanced product design and packaging. We develop brand environments on an international scale, including interior branding initiatives such as graphics and wall treatments, projection mapping, advanced video displays, and promotional and commercial work.

From both a communication and creative standpoint, having everything in-house promotes consistent and cohesive branding. We know it’s not about the equipment––no, not even our drone or stellar camera collection––but the fact that we have our own makes us nimble. We don’t have to outsource or rely on middlemen to secure rentals, making our budget requirements for productions of equal or greater caliber lower than that of other agencies.

Stay posted as we take to the skies for an exciting project where we’ll scope out interior branding for a global company.

Welcome to the Owl House. Wipe your talons.