Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Pat Connaughton Foundation Teams Up with Savage for New Brand and Website

Talk to Pat Connaughton for two minutes, and you’ll discover that #24 lives and breathes sports. When not on the court working toward another NBA championship or in the throes of an exciting real estate venture, Pat dedicates his time to inspiring youth to work hard and dream big. That’s why he started the Pat Connaughton Foundation, a non-profit organization that gives kids the opportunity to play basketball and grow in their abilities, even while facing socio-economic barriers or adversity.

The Pat Connaughton Foundation understands that basketball is more than a game; it’s a vehicle to teach young players how to become future leaders, humble teammates, and successful in anything they work toward. At the PCF 24:Up camps, the athletes are not only taught the fundamentals of basketball, but the opportunities that basketball brings to their lives. But in order to reap the benefits, players need a basketball court. That’s why PCF proudly provides brand new, state-of-the-art courts to communities in need of an inspiring, team-driven, and FUN activity that can lead them down a road of achievement!

Pat Connaughton playing basketball against a young boy at a 24:Up camp.

A major point of difference for the 24:Up camps is that—unlike many other professional athlete-led camps—Pat is actually there, shooting hoops and running drills with the kids. Pretty cool, huh? Campers have the opportunity to meet and play one-on-one against their idol, getting the chance to show him their passion in action. Pat was once in their shoes, so he reminds them that their dreams are attainable through hard work, good sportsmanship, and a whole lot of heart.

The Pat Connaughton Foundation teamed up with Savage to build not one, but three brands! It all started with CEO, Cory Savage, convincing Pat to rethink how this foundation is set up–including a name change. First came the parent brand of the Pat Connaughton Foundation, then 24:UP, and finally Connaughton Courts. After some serious strategic collaboration and a whole lot of creativity, each facet of the organization now has original messaging and graphic design elements to help them get the word out about their inspiring mission.

A collage of the pat connaughton foundation logo, the connaughton courts logo, and the 24:up logo.

Cory stated, “We asked a lot of hard questions and pushed Pat to do what’s best for the foundation’s existence beyond his own. My relationship with Pat has blossomed into a strong friendship and a seat on his board.”

Now with a new website where all these brands get to live and play together, the Pat Connaughton Foundation can continue to evolve as an organization that sets kids up for a lifetime of success, on and off the basketball court!