Launching the Manhattan

Every once in a blue moon, a special client comes along–a client you can laugh with, kick back and have a cocktail with…you know, the important stuff.

That client for us is SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. Fitting, right?

We’ve been working with the guys since 2016 when they first presented the most brilliant, ambitious idea in bottled cocktail history: a ready-to-drink Brandy Old Fashioned. It took off (thanks Wisconsin) and in 2017, we debuted the granddaddy of all classic cocktails: The Bourbon Old Fashioned. Yep, in a bottle. That took off, too, and we’re proud to announce that on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, we launched SoulBoxer’s boldest cocktail yet: The Manhattan. (Also bottled. Sense a theme, here?)

Two parts American rye whiskey to one part Spanish vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters, SoulBoxer’s Manhattan is a speakeasy favorite that can now be poured and enjoyed in the comfort of home. Or at the office.

We took a field trip last week to Central Standard Craft Distillery where we watched the first bottles make their way down the line. Of course, we had to taste test it, first.

The Manhattan’s matte black label keeps in the family of SoulBoxer Brandy + Bourbon Old Fashioneds, with a chrome accent that pays homage to that city swagger. On top of label design, we also developed a unique voice for the Manhattan, which you can see rolled out on SoulBoxer’s Facebook, Instagram + brand new website, and organized an exclusive contest to get the word out and thank SoulBoxer diehards for their continued support.

When we first teamed up, Jason + Doug were two guys who admittedly knew jack about marketing, and we had no idea how much there was to learn about cocktails. Together, we learned a lot about one another’s industries, and built a hell of a brand in the process.

We’ll drink to that.