June Brave Newsletter

Hey friends!

What have we been up to? A better question (haha, inside joke!) is what haven’t we been up to?

We’ve been so busy that we just riposted our own rhetorical question with another rhetorical question, and we’re ok with it. Seriously, it’s a can’t-stop-won’t-stop world right now and we don’t want to lose our momentum.

We knew we were going to need reinforcements this summer, so we hired… THE GREATEST INTERN OF ALL TIME. Meet Erik.

Global Travel

That whole can’t stop won’t stop thing? It’s a real thing. In fact, our Creative Director just did a little around-the-world tour. First stop, UK, then a brief respite (respite being code for running from one project to the next while slamming shots of espresso) back at the office for a couple weeks, before he put his interior branding hat back on and jetted off to China and India. Check our News page soon where we’ll post his awesome travel photos and thoughts!

More Travel

Arena Americas has always offered tenting for spectacular events, and the US is now matching the UK division in offering seating contracts. Their first contract? The PGA Championship in Bethpage, NY. We flew out there to capture photography and videography for the sales team at Arena Americas to utilize when promoting their new capabilities!

Look at us go

There’s been a lot of travel on our calendars lately–and we’re not sorry about it. But, there’s something else we do at Savage…what is it again? Oh yeah, building brands. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Oakbrook – A Midwestern real estate company over thirty years in the making. Their spunky new marketing director called Savage to give them a refresh.
  • Democracy Found – We love people who wear their passion on their sleeves because it means we’ve got something in common! This ambitious group of political activists are revitalizing U.S. democracy…and they’re starting here in Wisconsin.
  • Lutz Bloody Mary Mix – Drink your veggies! We couldn’t be more excited to be kicking off social content for this local favorite, not to mention, we just named the new nostalgic location where patrons can get coffee and craft brews – now that’s what you call a one-stop-shop.
  • Drink Wisconsinbly – Hey yous in that fancy new pub! If you haven’t visited their new location by the Fiserv Forum, then perhaps you’ve peroused their merch on their website or tipped back some DW Brandy.

Look at us being all social and stuff! Check out the Agency AFTER Hours event we hosted!

It was great catching up, but we’ve got to get a move on! Until next time, friends!