Hello, Intern

It was an elaborate scheme, but we did it. First, we created a posting for an intern. It had all the works––job description, qualifications, pay. Then, we conducted interviews––a bunch over the phone, and some in-person. Finally, it happened. Journalism and French major Erik Helm parted the sea of UW – Madison caps ‘n’ gowns and declared, “Je suis the intern you’ve been looking for,” or something like that, and then with his academic dress billowing majestically behind him, he drove through the night… well, two hours… and crashed on his cousin’s couch to arrive at our Third Ward office just in time for work the next morning. We approached him with open arms, and… took his box of donuts.

“I knew from the interview process everybody was going to be super nice and helpful, but after my first two weeks, they’ve still managed to exceed expectations,” says Erik. “The office never lacks in fun or in donuts, two of my favorite things.”

Aw, isn’t he just the greatest? Yes, we think we’ll keep him.

Aside from delivering the occasional witticism, Erik’s helping out this summer with digital production and keeping Andy in check.