#happyhour with HashtagMKE

On Tuesday, April 23, the Savage office got a good tidying up. We smooshed all of our desks together to make room for rows of black folding chairs and a projector screen, and even got a bunch of Glade plug-ins to freshen up the place. (Two days later, we discovered we could change the settings from high to low. #holyfreshlinenscent)

At 6PM, a bunch of agency friends, new and old, came to hang out with us for the most important hour of the day––happy hour. Low Key Hospitality served up some kickass islandy cocktails, and our SoulBoxer buddies poured Brandy and Bourbon Old Fashioneds.

We swapped business cards and handles, minded our p’s and q’s––oh, and we gave a talk on how to have a stellar social game on a peanuts budget. Well, not literally peanuts, but you get the idea.

Thanks JMatt of HashtagMKE for connecting!