Happy Week and a Half Anniversary, Rebekah

“Drawing bacon is hard.” Insight from our new Graphic Designer, Rebekah “or Bekah, but never Becky” Linder, who just graduated this past August from Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) with an associate degree in graphic design. She shares her alma mater with our Sr. Art Director, Tracy “Trace the Base” Olson.

“I thought, ‘this girl gets it,’” said Tracy about meeting Rebekah at a WCTC event. “She asked a lot of questions and expressed a true passion for design. Now, less than a year later, we have the opportunity to work together at Savage and I am stoked!”

Rebekah did some awesome freelance design for us before being officially welcomed aboard, and having been in-house for a week and a half (happy week and a half anniversary, Rebekah), she’s quickly proving to be a VIP on the Savage team. She even knows how to change the printer cartridge! And what was all that talk of bacon being difficult to draw? She shared a glimpse of her sketchbook with us and revealed her secret – she’s amazing at drawing brunchy foods!

“We’re very fortunate to have someone like Rebekah on our team,” said Owner/President Cory Savage. “She’s incredibly talented, but more than that, she comes in to work every day with a positive attitude, and that means more to us than graphic design abilities. We can teach graphic design. The fact that she happens to be an amazing artist is a bonus.”

It’s easy to tell how we feel about Rebekah, although it’s not like we’re gushing over her or anything. But how does Rebekah feel about Savage? We asked, and she answered.

“I’m really enjoying my time here,” said Rebekah. “Every day is very rewarding. Everyone is so nice and has a great sense of humor. I have a lot of fun here. To me, this is way more than a job.”

Aw, it sounds like she likes us, too!

Besides changing the printer cartridge and drawing all the brunchy foods, add watercolorist, acrylic painter, and kettle corn maker to Rebekah’s list of impressive capabilities. Looks like we can finally get that popcorn machine we’ve been talking about!

It’s unanimous; we all agree with Tracy that we’re stoked to officially welcome Rebekah to the Savage team! Her laughter warms us all, even when the thermostat treaty is disrespected and the temperature falls below 72F; and we can’t wait to see how she helps to propel Savage forward!