Happy New Year!

The counts are in and Miriam Webster’s Word of the Year is… we’ll give you a hint: it starts with a “p.” But we’d rather focus on a handful of other VIP-words that defined our 2020.

Pivot. When we finally achieved our dream of landing a QSR client, disaster struck. We pivoted from creating a general brand awareness campaign to pushing curbside pickups + contactless deliveries. Check out the cool stuff we did with Roti.

Persevere. Working virtually is and isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In the beginning, more “office” meant no more “office hours,” and we worked around the clock to make sure we supported our clients, including rolling out a major brand + website project for Charter Next Generation and presenting a refreshed logo + color palette for the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT to their friends). We might have been in our pj’s – and most days we still are – but we persevered nonetheless.

Position. We engaged with Terra Translations (another dream client) and are working toward positioning them as the #1 global localization company. Speaking of positions, we added three to the Savage team! Welcome Shannon, Theresa, + Jonathan!

Positivity. With clients as incredible as ours, it’s easy to choose positivity. Look at Aug Prep. Despite being fully virtual for the majority of the year, they maintained an attendance record of over 96%. Timing was everything for SoulBoxer Cocktail Co., who, having just secured a solution for ship-to-home-cocktails, saw a 70% sales increase. And don’t sleep on Twi. This little company is infusing happiness into every day with magnesium-enriched hot cocoa and mocha latte pods.

Pipeline. With 2021 right in front of us, we’re getting really excited about what’s in our Savage pipeline. We’ve got some awesome projects coming up – including bringing one of our very own beverage brands to market in 2021. We can’t wait to take everything we’ve learned this year and propel our clients forward. In 2020, we persevered, we pivoted, we positioned, we chose positivity, and we focused on our pipeline. Next year…we push.

Thank you to all of our clients – past, present, and prospective. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and wish you all a successful 2021. Cheers!

Cory Savage + Team