A Force to be Reckoned With

We’re staying positive in these days of Covid. One way we’re keeping our heads up—and our minds sharp—is by doing ten good deeds. Form of payment? Good vibes.

“By the time we return to the office, I want to have done ten good things to help our clients,” says Cory, President of Savage Solutions. “That’s how you stay positive, by helping others. We’ve got a month left. Let’s make it happen.”

Imagine the smiles on our faces, then, when Austin Ramirez, CEO of Husco, reached out to tell us about a task force he’d assembled to solve the critical shortage of medical-grade PPE for first responders in Southeast Wisconsin. Developed by engineers, academics, and medical personnel, the product is the epitome of innovation. As sustainable as it is protective, it’s a product that will put us back on the offense for fighting COVID-19 and other disasters.

“We needed a partner that could help us capture the essence of the project and translate it into a compelling brand image,” says Austin. “Savage does this more effectively than anyone I’ve seen.”

He asked if we wanted in.


Cool! So…what’s this project?

MaskForce to the Rescue

Introducing, the MFP01 by MaskForce. FDA-authorized, it’s superior to all PPEs on the market. Here’s why:

> Not only are they high-performance, but these masks have been fitted with a large silicon seal for comfort and protection.

> They use less than half of scarce filter material found in disposable PPEs––which means more of them can be made.

> They’re sanitizable and rewearable, which makes them ultra sustainable.

> Top all of this off with a supply chain for high-volume production, and the MFP01 is a force to be reckoned with.

“When Austin called us,” says Cory, “I’m pretty sure we were in even before we knew what he needed. It’s always been about what you can do for others, even in the most difficult times. We were honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of this great initiative.”

We interviewed several MaskForce team members (because they’re a task force, get it?) and got the story so we could help them out write a press release and a product description. They sent us some masks to photograph and we got to work from there.

We felt privileged when the Husco team asked us to help develop the brand for MaskForce,” says Savage’s Creative Director, Mark Hungsberg. “Since this is a product for protecting first responders’ lives, we wanted everything we created to look and feel trustworthy, professional, and serious.”

Every Mask a Milestone

Production is underway for 30,000 masks. An effort that would normally take months, the goal will be achieved in just four weeks, thanks to the support of Briggs & Stratton, New Berlin Plastics, Rexnord, Midwest Composites, MasterGraphics, ProtoLabs, Pentair, Milcut, and Savage Solutions

Several masks have reached their front line destinations, including the Milwaukee Fire Department. “The work you are doing is the very embodiment of American ingenuity and Wisconsin forward progress,” says Assistant Chief of the Milwaukee Fire Department, Aaron Lipski. “You are all to be commended for your work.”

We’re glad to have been a part of such a critical mission. Thank you to all of our brave front line workers and the good humans of MaskForce who’ve given all they’ve got – including 18+ hour days – to help battle this pandemic.