Join Our Team as a Summer Intern

So you think you’re pretty Savage, huh? We’ll be the judge of that. Just kidding. We’re nice people. Except on Mondays and/or when we’re battling over the thermostat. It’s shaping up to be another busy year at the office, and we’re seeking a summer 2019 intern. We’ll show you the ropes of the branding world–how we do it–and what it means to live Brave Creative.


  • Must be slated to graduate college by 2020 with a degree in anything Marketing, Business, Graphic Design, or Digital Production-related
  • Must love dogs

Here’s What You’ll Do

  • Learn the ropes of digital production and bring websites, emails, blog posts, and other digital assets to life
  • Learn how to use marketing platforms and tools, like WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Moz, and many more
  • Support social media efforts and monitor analytics
  • Conduct keyword research for SEO campaigns
  • Assist with development and management of content creation
  • Dive into marketing research to gather strategic insights
  • Support the Client Services, Studio, and Brand teams through project coordination
  • Attend client discovery and recurring meetings
  • Participate in strategic brainstorming sessions
  • General intern responsibilities

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • 30-40 hours per week
  • Paid
  • Parking stipend
  • Must bring donuts on your first day

Want to apply? Send your resumé and a brief introduction to