Savage Solutions is a Milwaukee-based marketing agency that creates a cohesive brand, digital, and/or social identity for our clients.
In other words, Savage designs beautiful things – beautiful things that work.

There might be thousands of people who can build a website, whip up a logo, or launch a product.
But only Savage is driven to go above and beyond, to exceed your expectations at every turn. Savage work has tremendous depth – the kind another agency simply can’t capture.

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Our Team

— a dedicated group of creatives that’s ready to collaborate

Cory Savage

President / Founder

Mark Hungsberg

Studio Director

Jackie Michl

User Strategist

Michael Farrell

Web Designer & Developer

Joel Hermanson

Brand Strategist

Lara Eucalano

Copywriter / Content Strategist

Jacob Nelson

Account Executive

Erin Leverence

Graphic Designer

Matt Stephens

Web Developer

Matt Bougie

Digital Assistant

Andy Lueneburg

Project Manager


— words, pictures, and ideas from the people of Savage Solutions

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